Aquaculture, Feeding Nations

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Haiti is the poorest most needy country in the western hemisphere.  

Haiti has the lowest intake of suitable protein (less than 1 OZ/DAY/PERSON.)  

Haiti has the highest incidence of mortality of new-borns of any country of the world, and the shortest average life span (47).  

All of this fits with the statistics of protein (fish) consumption of almost every country in the world and their rates of infant mortality Japan has close to the highest consumption of fish per person per year (65 pounds) and the lowest infant mortality rate and longest average life span (nearly 100 years).  

The positive effect of consuming fish in fact seems to have on all of the bad things that have to do with the lack of protein, seem to be alleviated or cured by increasing the protein in the diet with fish consumption.  DUUHH!  People live longer, have happier lives , are more content (peaceful) and are born healthier, and this seems to be clear if all of the conditions in each country are measured, length of life span,  weight of new-born babies, number born dead, mental conditions,  intelligence of new babies seem to have an inverse relationship in all societies, from (Haiti the lowest at 47 years life span) to (Okinawa the longest life span at 120)  and all countries between.  

You can find This information yourself from the statistics of who and the united nations.  You will find that the country with the longest  average life span (120 years) eats the most fish which is Okinawa  is the highest consumer of fish protein per year which is 165 pounds per person per year and the country with the lowest average consumption of less than one ounce per person per day has the shortest average life span of 47 years (Haiti) .  

Just find the information for an estimate of the  average daily protein compsumption write it down and then put the average life span to the right of it and in almost every measurable thing such as the number if babies that survive birth or longevity or just how the people feel about life. The numbers are indisputable.  The more fish eaten the better fo anyone.  Notice, I did not say seafood I said fish

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