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Mike Sipe is an Aquaculture consultant and has been in the Tilapia Production, Genetic Improvement and Breeding Industry for over 40 years. He created the first Red Tilapia from black species and now maintains and distributes 10 specially bred Tilapia gene lines. These gene lines are used to produce faster growing stock with larger fillets for clients and farmers World-Wide.

Mike has traveled to over 30 countries including Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Peru, Mexico, Honduras and Panama to offer his expertise in setting up and maintaining Tilapia Farms. He has also developed new methods of growing Tilapia intensively using Oxygen Infusion.




As a breeder, Mike distributes the parent stock to produce such hybrids as the Pennyfish, Chocolate and Cherry Snapper all of which grow 2 to 4 times faster than pure strains.

Mike has trained hundreds of Aquaculture professionals in the production and breeding of Tilapia and has assisted in the start-up of scores aquaculture businesses.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give Mike a call to discuss your project.



Services Available



  • Technical Assistance for the design and realization of Commercial Productions
  • Onsite, Online and Phine Support
  • Oxygen Management
  • Pure Oxygen Use
  • Ozone Use
  • Tilapia Breeding Program
  • Genetics For All Male Production
  • Pond Breeding
  • Cage Breeding
  • Cage Grow Out
  • Intensive Culture
  • Blueprint and Feasibility Studies
  • Semi-Intensive Culture
  • Aquaponics
  • Indoor Hobby Culture

Hands on training is available.


What Is Your Primary Interest In Tiilapia

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